Protective Eyewear On Court?

Protective eye wear? Why would anyone want to wear protective eye wear on the badminton court?

The obvious answer to protect your eyes! Do accidents happen on court? You bet! Just in our St. Louis club alone, two players have been hit in the eye in recent years, one with a shuttle and one with a racket. In one St. Louis venue, we play under extreme white-out conditions with a low ceiling and bright lights. The eye injury results ranged from weeks of homebound recovery and missed school for one player to eye surgery and diminished vision for the other. Both may suffer from potential detached retinas in the long term.

Education Places

Giant Shuttles in the United States?


Giant shuttles in the United States? Where? Who is responsible for them? What’s the story?

Knowledgeable tournament badminton players and badminton fans in the United States will be happy to tell you about the giant shuttles located in Kansas City, Missouri, in the heartland of the USA. July 10, 1994, was the dedication day for the outdoor sculptures on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. To celebrate the arrival of the unusual art work, the Museum hosted shuttlecock Sunday,featuring live jazz, a celebrity badminton tournament,hands-on art projects for children, parades, and games.


A Game of…


A game of angles,
Oh, that it is!
Badminton, you say,
That bird-hitting biz.


Why do we Play this Sport?

When one takes the time to reflect on the sport of badminton, one begins to wonder why he or she is attracted to this sport. Why do people want to play? What draws them to the badminton court?

For many players, the sport of badminton is fun. Many people play the game for enjoyment – just to have a good time. It is fun to play, to face one or two opponents across the net either during a tournament match or just for a club game. What a thrill it is to make the perfect drop shot or to wait until the precise time to hit that timely smash! You display that cunning you have honed for years while on the wrong end of many opponents’ shots. Pay-back time is so sweet!