About Us


To establish and promote throughout the United States an educational program  devoted to the development of Badminton as a means of healthful and physical fitness, to promote the recognition in schools, colleges, YMCA and other institutions with physical education programs of the carry-over benefits of Badminton, to give coaching and instructions to players throughout the U.S. Badminton in clinics and exhibitions which are in furtherance of educational objectives.

Board of Directors

  • Phillip Ayoung-chee (FL/GA), President
  • Dave Carton (San Diego, CA), Treasurer
  • Beth Sopka (Boston, MA), Secretary
  • David Zarco (Miami Lakes, FL)
  • Lisa Ward-Knechtel (AK/NC)
  • Liz Parker (Blaine, WA)
  • Anshuman Mishra (Atlanta, GA)
  • David Shaw (Nashville, TN)
  • Howard Bach (San Francisco, CA)


  • Nominating: Dave Carton
  • Special Projects: Lisa Ward-Knechtel
  • Fundraising: Paul Knechtel
  • Website: Phillip Ayoung-chee