New USBEF Publications Committee

The USBEF is pleased to announce the formation of a Publications Committee whose mission, duties and functions are listed below.

  1. Mission
    1. NewsletterObtain information about badminton throughout the country and internationally and Publish it in the USBEF Newsletter.  Publish the Newsletter quarterly.
    2. WebsiteUpdate and maintain the contents of the USBEF website.
    3. Duties of Publication Committee members.
      1. Submit to the chairman, quarterly, one or two  articles about badminton representing their part of the country.
      2. Suggest to the chairman additions to or  deletions from the website.
      3. Subjects to be included in the newsletter
        1. Club news, e.g. goals, objective, membership, facilities, etc.
        2. Upcoming tournaments.
        3. Results of tournaments.
        4. Coaching.
        5. Outstanding performance.
        6. Rules.
        7. Officiating.
        8. Others.
  2. Present Committee
    1. (Southwest) Jim Bosco, chair
    2. (Midwest)  Mary Ann Bowles
    3. (Northwest) Joyce Jones
    4. (Southeast) Dave Zarco
    5. (Northeast) pending